What to expect

When you arrive at ExCeL for your Covid-19 vaccination appointment, please follow the signs to the ‘vaccination centre’ and enter the doors marked ‘vaccination centre’.

Please wear a mask at all times.  

  1. Please check into the venue using the QR code available inside the entrance doors. You will then be directed to the vaccination centre, located in the North Hall (N1 and N2). Don't worry, there are also signs directing you where to go when you arrive. 
  2. Please have your ID and booking reference ready before you get to the check-in desk. You will be asked for your name, ID and booking reference and will be checked-in to have your vaccine. Your temperature will also be taken at this point.  
  3. Once you have checked-in, you will be directed to a ‘zone’ and a pod (e.g. Zone A, Pod 1) by a member of staff. Please note that you may have to queue at this point. If you do, please stay socially safe from others.   
  4. Inside the pod, you will be directed to one of six vaccinations rooms where you will have a ‘pre-vaccine assessment’. You will be asked a series of questions to make sure it is safe for you to receive the vaccine. You will also be provided with information on the vaccine. Translation services are available in every pod.  
  5. When the assessment is complete, you will be given the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and asked to sit in our rest area for a few minutes to make sure you feel ok. If you do feel unwell after having your vaccine, please inform a member of staff. If you feel unwell or experience any side effects, you should not operate machines or drive after your vaccine.
  6. You can then leave the vaccination centre using the one-way signs to the exit.  

Please don’t forget to come back for your second appointment.